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Château Malartic-Lagravière Rouge 2012

A real winegrower's vintage, with particularly changeable, turbulent weather conditions, requiring extreme precision in the care of the vine

Winter 2012 was dry with a very cold spell accompanied by some snow in February. The spring wasrather cool; rainfall was average but frequent (except April with 169 mm). The summer was mainly hot and dry, with two periods of exceptionally high temperatures. September and October were characterized by damp weather.
This was a rather late vintage. Both the flowering in mid-May and the start of ripening in mid-August were slow and somewhat uneven (with some flower abo
rtion and irregular grape size). The sustainable management approach that has been in place in the vineyard for ten years enabled us to compensate
for the delayed ripening with ploughing, some light leaf removal at the end of July, and three green harvests to adjust the unevenness between bunches.
The white grapes underwent numerous selections on the vine. This constant work enabled us to reach the harvest with the grapes in perfect health, despite the fact that the threat of disease was particularly high this year.
The batches of Merlot present a terrific purity of fruit. Generous and ripe, they have plenty of charm and good structure. The Cabernets are very distinguished, with excellent quality, silky, full-bodied tannins. Very gentle vinification and maturing has
enabled us to obtain a finely crafted vintage, with an elegant structure and crisp fruit.

Harvest period
From 4 to 12 october 2012
From 13 to 18 october 2012
From 13 to 15 october 2012
10 october 2012

50 %
45 %
3 %
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